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Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.

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fun activities

Meeting challenges builds inner strength and allows one to face greater tests in the future.

By fostering an environment where people gladly take part in discussing different ideas and points of view, we empower our members so they can get feedback, different opinions and constructive criticism from the community on the spot.

Meeting challenge

Our spaces are designed to include a large common area where members and visitors mix spontaneously.


Community events and fun activities.


Apart from external events, we also organize various community events.

We also organize regular community events and encourage our members to use the space for events of their own, whether they be presentations, workshops, hackathons or just hang-outs.

Community events
Sports events

Our family.

Tech open air

Tech open air

Tech Open Air Berlin is Europe’s leading interdisciplinary technology festival. Our mission is to connect, grow and inspire the human spirit through knowledge exchange and collaboration.


At Openers we connect, grow and empower innovative companies through everything conversational. Helping technology companies go global and connect corporates with the international startup community.
Tech Berlin

Tech Berlin

TechBerlin is a one stop hub for the Berlin techies: news, events, coworking spaces, coffee shops, companies, jobs, people and a bi-monthly newsletter on the best of the city's tech.


We pride ourselves on having a diverse community of freelancers and enterpreneurs, designers and developers, makers and doers.